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Q: Did a player called Never scored a goal in a FA cup final?
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Did a player called never score in a fa cup final?

No it was a joke Arsenal goalkeeper Dan Lewis scored an own goal for Cardiff Cardiff won the game and 'Never' scored but literally didn't score so never scored that is the joke

Has a player call never scored in an fa cup final?

abubakor in 6r

Did a player called never score in fa cup final?

no player called never has played in a cup final

Name four player who have played in English premiership and have scored goals in worldcup final?

The only player who has scored in the World Cup final and played for a team in the English Premier League is Manuel Petit, he played for Arsenal and scored in the 1998 final.

Who scored the final goal at Vetch Field in Wales?

The player who scored the final goal at the Vetch was Andy Robinson, who scored the winner in a 2-1 victory over Wrexham.

Who won cup final and never scored a goal?

Apparently this is a commonmisapprehension and the nearest valid answer is outlined in the link below from the FA website www.thefa.comTheFA/WhoWeAre/ContactUs/.../trivia Aston Villa won the cup fianl one nil and a player called NEVER scored the goal.fact and true.can't remember year

Did a player called never score a goal in the fa cup final?

yes for everton

Who scored the opening goal in the 1999 champion league final?

Mario Basler, the Munich player, scored the first goal of the 1999 Champions League final. He scored the goal in the 6th minute.

What was the final score of the game Wilt Chamberlain scored 101?

He never scored 101 in a game, only 100 even.

Is there a player who has scored in both a World Cup Final and a European Championship Final?

Yes it is Zinedine Zidane.

Who is the player that have scored in European championship final and played for Chelsea?

Frank lampard

What player scored the winning goal in 1986 world cup final?


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Did a player called never score in fa cup final?

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