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well it depends on your body type, how tall and strong you are. but an average 12 year old should be able to throw 25 yards max.

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35 40 yards

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Q: Average Throwing distance for 12 year old quarterback?
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What is the average throwing distance for a 12 year old girl in javelin throwing?

200 feet is my average, but im 13

What is the distance for javelin throwing for 14 year old?

The average distance to throw a javelin, for a 14 year old is 17-20 meters

What is an average throwing distance in shot-put for a 16-year old boy I can throw 27.5' and it was my first time ever throwing am I average I don't work out much?

if you dont work out at all then thats an average throw. usually in The mid 30s is a good average range.

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The average quarterback in the NFL makes about $1,970,982 per year. This can be higher if they have performance incentives where team or individual statistics can increase their salary. ChaCha!

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