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you can learn math, science, english, history, P.E., and any various electives including music, art, second language, Photography, literature, etc.

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Q: What are the subjects you learn in grade 7?
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What do we learn in 6 grade that we dont learn in 5?

You learn more detailed and in-depth things in 6th grade- the subjects you covered in 5th grade are examined more closely and in more detail in later grade levels.

What are the subjects you learn in grade 5?

Math, Music, Science, Health, Language, Social Studies and French

What subjects do they learn in France?

they learn the subjects we learn but the learn our languges

What do grade 7 students learn in science?

Grade 7 students particularly those in the Philippines learn about the concepts in integrated science. They study the intoduction to biology, chemistry and physics. Grade 7 science is broad and it tackles the introductions to the said branches of science.

Were the 2nd grade worksheets harder then the 1st grade ones Why?

Second grade worksheets are going to slightly be a little harder for some children compared to the first grade worksheets. There are, of course, more steps to learn with all subjects.

What is seventh grade CST subjects?

CST 7th grade subjects are Pre Algebra and English

What do you learn in grade 7 health?

reproduction, genes, dna, and cells. in california.

What did they have to learn?

What subjects do they need to learn

What languages do Danish children learn at school?

Danish, English at 3th grade, and German/French at 7-9th grade.

What subjects do German kids learn?

All the same subjects we learn here, but they might learn English as a second langue.

What subjects did Queen Victoria learn at school?

as usual subjects

What subjects do Kenya learn?

they learn kenyan things