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When the time comes to treat depression, you may feel confused about which medications are best. Not only are there several classes of antidepressants but also many brand names and generic equivalents as well.

Generic Prescription Depression Treatments are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, though they may look different than their brand name counterpart, generic depression treatments contain the same active ingredients and work just as effectively.

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Q: Depression Treatments: Are Brand Name Medications Necessary?
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How expensive are herbal treatments for depression?

Many herbal treatments for depression are available in pill form. If you buy the right brands (generics, depending on your local store ) have the same effectiveness as name-brand, or "organic" brands. All it takes is a trip down the vitamin aisle. B6, magnesium, folic acid, Omega-3, and St. John's wort are all great options.

What medications sounds like kevsel?

Kefzol its a brand name cephalosporin.

What does the term proprietary name mean in medications?

It is the Brand Name of a Drug.

Brand name medications have a strict set of rules which MTs should follow?


What is cortezone?

Cortizone is a brand of anti-itch medications, manufactured by Chattem, that contain hydrocortisones.

What has medications have Effexor xr in it?

Effexor XR is the American brand name for the drug venlafaxine.

Have A Doctor Monitor Your Depression?

When you are testing a few different styles of depression treatment methods, make sure that you have a doctor monitor your process. He or she will be able to tell you if the generic or the name brand treatment works better. This is also a thing that should be done for safety. Some treatments will not make people feel better, but will make them feel worse. A doctor can see this and choose a new method.

Names of prescription drugs?

Both Brand names and chemical names are used for new medications

How can the prescriber prevent the substitution of a generic drug for a brand name drug?

The prescriber must hand-write "brand name medically necessary" on the prescription and sign his name on the line that says "sign here if the brand-name is medically necessary".

Is depakote expensive?

The brand name form usually is (as with all medications), but the generic form usually isn't.

Does Home Depot have a window treatment brand that has a lifetime warranty available?

Home Depot does have several window treatments with a lifetime warranty, including their own house brand, which is very good.

What over the counter cold medication contains cetirizine?

Zyrtec and claritin are the brand names of those two medications.