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eat sourkrout

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Q: Your sex power is very bad how do you improve it?
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How can you improve your sex power coz you discharge very early is there any ayurvedic medicine for quick overcome?

take classical ayurvedic remedies for increasing your retaintion power

Which nuts good for sexual?

No one nut improve sex power. If nut have vitamin b12, then you can think about sex fast, and may find new ways for sex. Almost all nut have that power.

How do you seduce husband to bring more sex power during intercourse?

I'm guessing you are asking how to improve you sex life with your hubby. There are all kinds of things you can do from role playing to introducing sex toys.

Why do you cry after sex?

Either it was very, very good or very, very bad. Some people just cry out of an excess of emotion.

Why does he call his old girlfriends?

because he loves her and your not doing a good enough job so unless you improve on your sex lifethen bad luck

What food is not known to improve sex?

Healthy foods with less fats and sugars are know to improve stamina for orgasms and has better tasting ejaculation for sex. All others aren't known to improve sex.

How do you improve sex technique?


What does moelepo mean in hawaiian?

BAD WORD meaning dirty sex or sex with low-life people. Also used by very ignorant persons who are calling others very dirty names.

Can sex ever be bad?

Sex is only bad if your partner has a type of disease.

How will the discontinuation of steroid usage affect your sex life?

it will actually improve your sex life

Which of these foods is not known to improve sex life?


How do you improve study skill for childrens?

tell them to have sex