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So, your period only lasted two days and you had lots of blood clots and as a result you might be wondering what is wrong. For many females, their monthly period lasts between 3 and 7 days, with the flow usually light at the beginning, increasing after a day or two and then tapering off. It is also not uncommon to have some blood clots. If this experience is unusual for you, it might be worth seeking advice from your Doctor Who would be best fit to put your mind at rest.

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Q: Your period only lasted two days and had lots of blood clots what is wrong?
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What's wrong if your period is a week early and you urinate frequently and cramp when you do and a lot of blood clots have been coming out of you but you just had a normal STD and pap?

possible kidney or bladder infection?

You do find tiny blood clots on your pantie when you wake up what could this be i am healthy?

Finding tiny blood clots on your underwear could be due to various reasons, such as hormonal changes, vaginal infections, menstrual irregularities, or minor injuries to the vaginal area. If you are otherwise healthy and not experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is usually not a cause for concern. However, if you continue to notice this issue or have other symptoms, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and advice.

Why is blood type checked before blood transfusion?

If it is the wrong type, the red blood cells of the person clump together . Clots form in the blood vessels, and the person dies.

Why is blood type checked before a transfusion?

If it is the wrong type, the red blood cells of the person clump together . Clots form in the blood vessels, and the person dies.

What is wrong with you when you're on your period and the blood doesn't come out?

If there is no blood then you are not menstruating.

What causes blood thicken?

Do you mean in the sense that it would cause blood to clot? Blood clots and doesn't clot due to something being wrong with clotting factors in the body... wether it be absence of one or possibly something wrong with another.

When a female dog is in heat is it normal for the blood to come out like clots?

No - unless an unfortunate incident has happened a dog should not bleed at all. You should have your dog checked by a vet as soon as possible.

Why is knowledge of ones blood group essential during blood transfusion?

If you give someone the wrong blood type then the body rejects it and the white blood cells will "think" its a cell that will harm so they will attack and cause clots to appear in the blood stream.

What does bright red period blood mean?

Bright red period blood typically occurs on the heaviest days of your period. It is totally normal and does not mean that there is anything wrong.

What could go wrong if blood type A is put in a patient having blood type B?

The antibodies in blood group B will destroy the blood group A cells. They will actually cause clumping and therefore clots which will cause a heart attack.

What does it mean when your period blood is very light and watery and your only spotting?

you have something wrong with the way you have you period

If my period has lasted 2 weeks an a half does that mean something is wrong?

you might want to ask your phyicisian if your mother doesn't know