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There is a chance, especially if you have had unprotected or unsafe sex. Take an HPT or see your doctor to be sure.

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you could be pregnant but it is best to get checked out.

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in the perfect world we start our period this day and it ends this day but doesn't. so do not freak, its fine.

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Q: Your period is late and you been getting a lot of headaches?
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You are ten weeks late and you are getting period pain but no period?

I'm ten weeks late and I'm getting period pain but no period, there not regular yet but there never this late could i be prego?

What is back pain headaches bloating late period heavy with clots?

Any chance it could be a miscarriage?

You have been cramping but no period you have also been getting a little dizzy your period is late really late are you possibly pregnant?

If you've had unprotected sex, you're possibly pregnant. Take a test to confirm and remember to always use protection.

If your period is about a month late and you have looked at symptoms for pregnancy like vomiting headaches etc But you have none of them Is there any other reason for your period being late?

I put up this question because my period is very late, I've looked up symptoms for pregnancy, and the only thing that stands out is that my period hasn't come yet.I usually get my period at the start or end of the months and it hasn't come all this month. Ive been getting this white stuff in my pants and don't really know what it is, i know girls get it when they are starting there period but I've had my period for about 2 years now, I had sex about a month ago but it was protected. Could anyone give some advice? especially about that white stuff!

Could I be pregnant last month period came on 10 days late this month I have not had one have been experiencing headaches heartburn nausea and now stomach is cramping?

Get a pregnancy test. Failing that, you're under a lot of stress.

If you get your period a week late do you ovulate a week late even if you have never been late before and you have followed the rythym method for a whole year and never got pregnant?

if your period is late one week that means you ovulated late

You were late for your period by 12 days then you started bleeding quite heavy for about 7 days was this just a late period?

Yes, sometimes your period can just be late. You can check this site for more information as to why it could have been late.

You have irregular periods you are not on the pill This month your period is once again late you did have some light spotting 3 weeks ago could this have been your period?

Could have been. Birth control pills (especially going on or getting off) can screw up the menstruation cycle.

Does Zoloft cause you not to have a period?

I have experienced late period since taking zoloft..not that I am complaining..but it is weird that my period has been messed up..

Negative tests brown spotting headache nausia shoulderback pain are you pregnant?

i had sex 6 days ago and now i am getting headaches and nausea could i be pregnant? If you turn out to be pregnant let me know. I had the same symptoms and a negative test and now my period is three days late!

Why are you getting your period after 21 days when typically it comes every 28?

Sometimes people have irregular period which can come either early or late.

How many days can you be late before getting your period and not be pregnant?

You can be up to two weeks late and not be pregnant but to be safe you should take a pregnancy test after you are seven days late.