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Maybe your bones are noy strong enough,or because your blood is not moving around enough when your sitting. because it is no be actively moving It is my understanding that the veins in the legs have one way directional flaps (like check valves) which allow the blood to flow in one direction only (up the leg toward the heart). Muscle movements in the legs are said to assist this flow (like booster pumps). If you are sitting for an extended period of time then your lack of muscle activity in the legs may result in a less than normal return of the blood from your feet to your heart. This may cause additional hypertension (high blood pressure) in your feet. When you stand up, the extra blood in your feet may momentarily create very high blood pressure in the circulatory system of your feet which in turn may cause your pain sensors in your feet to pick up on it.

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Q: Your legs and feet hurt after sitting awhile why?
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