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She may have a yeast infiction.

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Q: Your granddaughter is 9 years old and smells of a fishy smell all the time why could this be?
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Where does something smells fishy come from?

When well water has a slightly fishy smell, it can mean the presence of choliform bacteria.

Why do your fingers smell very fishy?

My son gets erections when he smells fishy odor on my fingers after i'm done scratching my vagina wonder why?

How does amines smells?

Gaseous amine possess a characteristic ammonia smell, while liquid amines have a distinctive "fishy" smell.

Can cod liver oil capsules cause semen to smell fishy?

No, It smells like it used to...

Do your vingina suppose 2 have a smell?

Yes it's kinda a fishy smell. If it smells like rotten fish though you have a infection.

You find that you have a smell at times but a fishy smell but dont smell it till after you have had an orgasm?

The normal scent for a vagina is a kinda fishy smell so that is normal unless it smells like ritten fish. Then you probably have a yeast infection. To smell it after an orgasm is normal to since you have the vaginal fluids coming out.

Should red snapper smell fishier after 3 days in the refrigerator?

No, red snapper should never smell fishier unless is going bad. Fresh fish smells like the sea, not fishy. The fishy smell comes from fish decomposing.

How do you get rid of fishy smells?

That's a bacterial infection and meds are at the pharmacy or you go see a gyno.The normal smell of a vagina is kinda fishy though but it shouldn't be like rotten fish.

Can you give me a sentence for fishy?

You smell fishy.

What does apple pie smell like?

They smell like apples of course, but also with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg

Why does my hamster's urine smell fishy?

Urine can tell a person what is wrong with them, or what is going on with their body. The same applies to animals, if a hamsters urine smells fishy, it maybe due to an increase of protein in their diet.

What is the collective noun for delicious smells?

an olfaction of smells