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first, tell your friends that you do flirt and if they don't believes you you just ignore them. second ,stare at him/her with a common look and wave at them but don't let your teeth show because then you will look cheesy. and third, if he waves at you back with a cool look then he likes you, or if you see him in the hall ways staring at you that means he likes you too and if he/she does not he probably is shy. another way is that start pretending to date a person and if she/he does look mad at the person that you are dating then that is love if none work she/he is just not into you, so find someone else.

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Q: Your friends tell you i dont flirt enough and you think you do but you are really shy but what do you do in order to flirt and how do you know if the person flirts back?
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This guy flirts with me and he always flirts with the people i hang out with most all his and my friends tell me he likes me but I'm not really sure does he?

He probably likes you and is trying to make you jealous by flirting with your friends

What do you do if your boyfriend says he really likes you but flirts with your best friends?

He is not acting like he respects you and I would call him on it.

You like one of your really good friends and he told one of your friends that he doesn't like you but he always flirts with you what's going on?

that he might like u,but doesn't show it

What do you do if your in a relationship and the guy is like flirting with all your friends?

My boyfriend can be the same way! Everybody flirts even if they are in a relationship. Flirting is fun! But if it really bothers you then talk to him about it. He shouldn't be flirting with your friends.

What do guys do when he likes you?

flirts or is really obnoxious

Should I break up with my girlfriend if she flirts often with other guys after you confronted her about it already not to flirt and she promised she wouldn't ever flirt?

It really matters how severe the flirting is. If she flirts minorly with a lot of people, it may be because sh just naturally flirts with people. she flirts with everybody. kinda like me. if she concentrates on one person and flirts heavily with that one guy, then you may have a problem. dont break up with her, though. talk with her first, and ask if she has feelings for this person. talk it through and see what happens. good luck!

How do you know if a guys likes you but one of your friends said that her friend said that he likes her?

have a friend ask him for you if he really likes you...or you could flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

How can you get your ex back if you two are close friends and he still flirts with you but doesn't want to go out and says we will see what will happen?

Well, it sounds as if he is really not that into you. I would stay friends and date other people, sometimes that works!

How do you know when a cute guy really likes you?

He flirts with you

I am with this guy that I really like but my friends don't like him what should I do?

>I think that you should really think about your friends considerations, and that if you really like him. Pretend that you are a different person, and think about how you would go together with him, and if he has dine anything bad to you. If not, think about why your friends might hate him. It might be because your not spending enough time with them. If you are spending a oot of time with them, then consider new friends...

What does it mean when the guy you like flirts with you a lot but told your friends that he doesn't like like you?

it means hes a flirt and he just likes to make you think that he likes you when really he thinks your ugly

What should you do if you really like this guy and he isnt one of your friends and your gay?

Become friends get tu know each other if he's gay start to flirt if he flirts back ask em out its like a 2 week proces do if you really like him take it slow and if he's not gay...your screwed