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This happened to our cat about a month ago. It may not be the same thing, but it intestines were twisted. Had to have surgery.

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My dog has lost weight won’t eat or drank has a really bad odor and was pooping blood but that has stop for now still won’t eat or drank today is five days without food or water

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Q: Your dog is throwing up clear foamy vomit and no eating or drinking?
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What does it mean if puppy stops eating drinking vomiting foamy liquid and shivers and acts tired?

If your puppy or dog stops eating, that's usually a sign that its time for them to go. My dog stopped eating and drinking. She didn't urinate or excrete and she kept throwing up. She died within hours. Then again, it might just be because shes a puppy and maybe she just don't wanna eat or drink anything? But if that's the case, just give it time and your pup will be eating and drinking in no time.

What does it mean when your urine is a very light almost clear foamy and has an odor?

Why is my urine very light yellow almost clear in color and has an odor and is foamy?

What causes clear foamy bowel movements with lots of gas?

Bowel movements should not be clear. However, there may be mucous i the stool. This could be clear or white and foamy. If the mucous is the only symptom, it is likely nothing to worry about.

My dog is throwing up foamy and has the runs with foam in it also her nose ie warm and dry?

hunni that is just freaking gross!!!!

What does it mean when your cat puked clear foamy stuff?

Take your cat to the vets... It might be lethel

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What is foamy flake in brook?

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What part of speech is foamy?

"Foamy" is an adjective. It is used to describe something that is covered in foam or has a frothy appearance.

Dog throwing up white marshmallow substance?

A thick, foamy, white vomit could be they ate too fast, ingested something like dirt or weeds or drank water too fast.

What are foamy waves?

Another name for foamy waves are, (braking waves).

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