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no u wont get in merit but u may get by paying money

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Q: Your cut off mark for medicine is 180 will you get seat in any medical college in tamilnadu?
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Will you get private medical colleges in tamilnadu your cut off mark is 192.75 belonging to cast bcm?

Private college is likely not an option with a 192.75 cast BCM cut-off mark. The likely medical colleges that you could get into in Tamilnadu are Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi and Theni.

What engineering college for cut off mark 172 in tamilnadu?

It is not known which engineering college would be for cut off mark 172 in Tamilnadu. In the district of Coimbatore, the Hindusthan College Of Engineering And Technology has a cut off mark of 173.25.

What has the author Mark D Altschule written?

Mark D. Altschule has written: 'Origins of concepts in human behavior' -- subject(s): History, Humanism, Medicine, Psychiatry 'What medicine is about' -- subject(s): Medical ethics, Medicine, Medicine and psychology, Philosophy

What is the pass mark in maths for 12th state board tamilnadu?


How do you get in Stoney Brooke medical college?

iam doing my +1 in India nagercoil. i want to medicine in my future. how must my cut off must be? can i able to write any entrance? or if i get a some what a low mark will get the seat? please answer my questions

What is the pass mark in chemistry for 12th state board tamilnadu?

the minimum mark is 40 in theory and 30 in practical

What has the author Mark C Henry written?

Mark C. Henry has written: 'EMT prehospital care' -- subject(s): Emergencies, Emergency Treatment, Emergency medical services, Emergency medical technicians, Emergency medicine, Methods

When the plus 2 matric mark sheet issue in Tamilnadu?

It will be issued on 27th May

What is the cutoff mark for clerks in corporation bank?

in tamilnadu what is the cutoff for interview selection corp bank

Last year cut off of engineering colleges in tamilnadu?

cut off mark for eng

How do you calculate cut off mark in plus two for agriculture?

i got 194.5 in bc can i get a medical seat free in tn self financing medical college in mbbs

Why the book of from auricular medicine important event-mark for medical circles?

Because the book firstly introduced the concept of auricle medicine and set a model of new coupled medicine in 2005. Chinese physician Xu Chongming is the author of From Auricular Medicine to Auricle Medicine. Aurilce medicine or systems auricle medicine is new subbranch of 21st century medicine. I do think so.