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either he wants something to remember her by

or he still got feeling for her

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Ok, so it the boyfriend in love with your ex-gf, or your bf is actually a girl orrrr?

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Yes, because her ex-boyfriend is me.

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Q: Your boyfriend keeps pictures of ex girlfriend?
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What do I do if my ex's girlfriend keeps asking my kids about my new boyfriend?

You should be confronting your ex and telling him you do not like his girlfriend asking your children about your new boyfriend and if it keeps up he will only be able to see his children at your home or without his ex girlfriend.

What do you say to your girlfriend when he keeps dreaming about his ex-boyfriend?

get over it and move on

What does it mean when your girlfriend saves pictures of a 10year former boyfriend and still saves it after you've told her it bothers you?

I am not sure on why your girlfriend would save a picture of an ex boyfriend after you told her you did not feel comfortable with it. She could still have feelings for the guy or maybe she just keeps it for memories.

My boyfriend lost his ex girlfriend who he really loved in a car accident and everyone keeps reminding me of that How can i ask my boyfriend if he's over his ex girlfriend?

ask him if he is comfortable naming his ex`s names and then iif he is when he is done ask him if he is over all of them

What should you do if your ex boyfriend friends say he still likes you and he keeps looking at you the way he did when you were going out but he has a new girlfriend?

i wont disturb him

Why would a ex girlfriend want to live real close to her ex boyfriend when her friends and family are not from that area?

It means the ex boyfriend still likes the ex girlfriend.

Would it bug you if your boyfriend of a month had pictures of his ex girlfriend and not you on his facebookmyspace?

Depends on how often he updates his facebook/myspace page. Maybe he just hasn't had the time to change the pictures?

How do you get your boyfriend to love you not his ex girlfriend?

be yourself

Why would and ex-girlfriend tell an ex-boyfriend that she called her new boyfriend by his name during passion?

She probably did it to make the ex- boyfriend jealous.

Who was declan galbraiths ex-girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend. Her name was Kasey. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.

What to do if your boyfriend keeps paying his ex's bills?

dump him he obviously prefers his ex to you!

Are there any pictures of Liam Payne's girlfriend?

It's his ex girlfriend. And no, no pictures. She delited her Twitter and her Facebook account.