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you should spend times with friends, eat, sleep, and pamper yourself. try getting all the emotions out or talk to somebody who has gone through the same thing and ask for their opinion.

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Q: Your boyfriend just broke up with you and you really love him what should i do?
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What should you do if you like a bisexual who just broke up with her boyfriend?

Ask her out.

What should I do if I found out that my boyfriend was only with me for sex and when I didn't give him any he broke up with me?

If he just wanted you for sex, then he really didn't love you, and you should just forget about him... If he really loved you, he wouldn't break up with you if you didn't have sex with him.

What should you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend and this girl like him what should i do?

Nothing. You broke up with him and the other girl likes him. It's none of your business.

Should you wish your ex of 3 days happy birthday after you just broke it off with him?

You aren't really asking about birthday wishes. Give yourself permission to let your boyfriend go.

I just broke up with boyfriend and already have another boyfriend?

Hey good for you.

Does your ex-boyfriend really hate you?

no i dont think they ever really hate you i just think there heart is a little broke other then then that they still feel love for you

Should your ex-boyfriend be mad if you just broke up and now you are with someone new?

No, he should be enthusiastic. He's happy you ruined his life.

How do you tell your family your boyfriend broke up with you?

You should just come out and say it. They may be disappointed because they really liked him but at the same time they would want to know and be there to support you and help you through your breakup.

Does Danielle Campbell have a boyfriend?

She does not have a boyfriend. She is good friends with Sterling Knight. They used to date for a while, but they broke up and their just friends.

Who is the boyfriend of Bea Alonzo?

She just broke up with Mico Palanca, her first boyfriend.

What if you broke up with your boyfriend just to talk to this other boy but you really love him what do you do?

You should have spoken to this other boy without breaking up with your boyfriend. He should understand that it is fine to talk to members of the opposite sex without him being annoyed, providing all you did was talk to the other guy. I just wondered why you felt you needed to break up with your boyfriend just to talk to the other guy. Are you sure you love this guy?

How do you ask your friend to be your girlfriend when she just broke up with her boyfriend a few days ago?

You just dont... you should probably wait a week or so