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You kill him! >:-D

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2008-12-12 21:00:35
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Q: Your boyfriend has a lot of girls that are friends?
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Your boyfriend does not like you talking to your male friends - you want to stay with your boyfriend - what should you do?

Men are not friends with girls. They are just friendly with girls that they want to sleep with, or girls that they have already slept with. Your boyfriend knows this because he is a man. That is why he doesn't like it when you talk to your "guy friends."

Do most girls like to talk to her friends abut her boyfriend's penis?

Some girls may talk to their friends about their boyfriend's penis, but it is not likely that most girls do. Usually girls talk about things other than that.

Why do girls have twice as many facebook friends as guys?

probably their boyfriend's friends

What do you do when your boyfriend has been faithful for 3 weeks then you see him blowing kisses to another girl and he says he blows kisses to a lot of girls just as friends?

He flirts with other girls!

Do girls usually ignore their guy friends when they have a boyfriend and what are the reasons for it?


Why does your boyfriend talk to other girls?

A) he has many friends or B) u need a new boyfriend

What are the reasons why girls ignore there guy friends when they have a boyfriend?

Because her boyfriend will think she is cheating on him and will dump her

How many girls want Justin Bieber to be their boyfriend?

a lot

What girls wouldn't want their boyfriend to do?

Cheat not be social with their family and friends

Is it normal to want to go out with friends like girls when you have a boyfriend?


What if your boyfriend listens more to his male friends?

if your boyfriend listens to his guy friends more, don't take it personally. he still respects your opinion, but just like girls go to their friends that are girls, he's going to go to his guy friends for a lot of things because they will know more about being a guy. But if he is listening to his friends and doing things you don't approve of, then you should let him know because it isn't okay to disrespect you.

What do you do when another girl hugs your boyfriend and your boyfriend says its okay that she hugged him and that they are just friends?

If you are secure in your relationship with your boyfriend, don't worry about it. It's okay for guys to have other friends that are girls.

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