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yes,but heres my advice to him don't say i love you if you don't mean it and to you

it depends if you really like the guy don't let the guy hurt you is not him hurting you

is yourself.

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2008-10-20 10:48:13
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Q: Your boyfriend and you were for 3 years but he keep saying he love you but he is not in love with mewhat does this meanhe treat you like he lve you?
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How are you supposed to treat your ex?

If She/He was a good girlfriend/boyfriend treat them like good friend. If She/He was a bad girlfriend/boyfriend/ treat them like they never existed.

How do you get a girl that already has a boyfriend to like you?

Treat her better than her boyfriend does.

How should we treat our planet?

like you treat your boyfriend With RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a girl that likes her ex boyfriend?

Treat her better then her boyfriend did and she will see you are a better person

If your boyfriend is a sociopath and he says he loves you how can you tell if that's true or not?

base it on how he treats you. If he teats you in a way that shows he loves you then he probably does. If he doesn't treat you in a special way then he's just saying it.

What would a real boyfriend do for you?

Treat you with respect and honour.

What do you do if your boyfriend is using you?

DUPM HIM! That is no way to treat a girl!

How should you treat your first boyfriend?

Kind and sweet

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you it seems like were just friends?

Treat him more like a boyfriend then a friend.

Does tamire need a boyfriend?

yes she needs a boyfriend that's going to treat her very nicely.

How do you get your ex girlfriend back if she already has a boyfriend and you told her how much you can treat her better and she says yes I know but I cant just break up with my boyfriend already?

You cant just tell her how you can treat her better, you gotta SHOW her. Be close friends with her and treat her better than her boyfriend.

How do you treat a cheating boyfriend who is cheating?

you beat him up and cheat on him!

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