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Gravity is pulling the blood released in the bruise from the shin downward to the ankle.

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Q: You were hit in the shin with a softball two weeks later the bruise has spread down to your ankle What is going on?
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What is a bone bruise?

A bone bruise is when a sudden jerk or movement is notioned to the ground, and a hard impact comes in contact with your body such as an ankle roll, becomes bruised in the bone. A bone bruise is summerized as a welt that is pushed into your bone. A bone bruise can last any where from a week to a few months...we are all different. Mine has been going on for about 2 weeks now.

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What are the symptoms of foot and ankle dancer's fracture?

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White spot in the middle of my bruise School nurse said it was a blood clot IDK what is going on At first it was a small pea lump the over night turned into a giant bruise on the back of my hand?

You will need to see a doctor if your bruise is changing colors and has a pea sized lump. A doctor can make sure that the bruise is healing and there is no immediate threat to your health.