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I agree I had smoked regularly before a year and a half ago it took 18 days to get clean after that I havent smoked since until around Christmas i had took a few hits and i was clean about 10 days later fact of the matter is im not a regular smoker and have very low body fat I eat healthy not alot of fatty foods drink alot of coffee and water and am a full time student don't really get alot of excersise except chasing my daughter around. There are alot of different products out there and people are different. I personally know alot of people on probation that smoke and pass but their use is minimal and they are very controled about their use if you don't know your body there are herbal smoking products out there that are excellent substitutes they contain synthetic cannibanoids that fire on your CB1 receptors and are 5 times more potent than THC and are currently not tested for because they have to know what they are looking for and believe me there are many synthetics but the trick is don't tell on yourself and don't panic for all of you who smoke regularly DONT USE YOUR OWN PEE

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12y ago
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depends on how long after the hit is the test. Most say it takes 30 days but depends on frequency of smoking and how much you smoke are you talking about 1 hit a day for a month and then taking a test the next day no you are not gonna have a good day. Or you have never smoked or have not in over a month take a hit and then have to test 2 1/2 to 3 weeks later you will probably be OK.

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It all depends on weight etc. If you smoked a day before a drug test you can always go buy suragel which is next to the jello at a grocery store. You put it in a cup of water and drink it. Its going to be very sour though. also drink water with it too. Use the restroom as much as you can, but one time can be enough. I only did it one time, than go take the test and you will pass. It worked for me, but I heard that it doesn't work for everyone, but I think its for the heavy users.

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If it is within a timeframe within 72 hours, you have a chance. After that it becomes unlikely.

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Q: You smoked one joint how long will it be before you can pass a urine test?
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If someone smoked 4 joints in a weekHow long will THC stay in your body255lbs?

if someone didnt smoke marijuana for two months and then smoked one joint a week ago, how long would it remain in urine and at what ng

If you smoked one marijuana joint and do nothing about it how long will it stay in may urine and have not smoked in the past year?

weed stays in your system forat least one month after you used itif u havent smoked in a long time then u smoke one joint then i say give it forteen days or less butt u sshould just drink lots off water

You had a urine test for pot but you smoked 21days before the test are you ok?

2- 3 tokes from a joint how long will it be in your urine?

Depends how many times you have already smoked, if its your first time, id say 3-4 days. You should be fine.

Your friend smoked marijuana one time will that show up on urine sample?

The detection window for marijuana in a urine sample is typically up to 30 days for a one-time use. However, factors like metabolism, hydration, and frequency of use can affect detection times. It's possible that a one-time use may still be detectable, but this can vary from person to person.

How long does it take weed to get out of your system if you only smoked once?

If you smoked a joint once, it will take a few hours and after that you will be fine.

You smoked a joint 2 weeks ago how long will that take to get out your system if you dont smoke at all?

about 3 weeks maybe before that if you drink alot of water

Hey you smoked on apirl 4Th and the time before that was march 6th will I pass the urine test on may 19th?

of course you will drinking effects do not last this long

How long it stay if you smok one?

I smoked only two puffs of hash for how long will stay in my urine ?

If a substance is smoked how long does it take to enter the urine?

It takes 30 days without OJ.

You ave not smoked pot in 3 months put smoked a joint today how long will it take to pass a pee test?

I would say about a week, tops.

How long does it take marijuana to get out of your system if you smoked all day everyday for 10 years?

If you smoked it in the manner you described, it can show up in urine anywhere between 60-90 days after you last smoked.