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Q: You said to girl that you love her sister and she went to talk to her and her sister said why you souldnt tell her by yourself what it does mean?
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How you get a girl to love you?

Be yourself

What are the release dates for Love That Girl - 2010 My Sister's Keeper 1-4?

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When is a girl in love?

If you like that girl or you are in love just be yourself cause if you act like anyone else your heart will get broken by that boy/girl.

How do you love a girl from beginning?

There isn't a WAY to love a girl from when you meet her. You can't even make yourself love her. If you want to but you don't love her, then obviously you shouldn't.

How can a girl make a guy fall in love with her?

by being yourself the true girl is the choose-able girl

If your ex boyfriend has kissed another girl hit on your sister and gotten with three girls that you knew personally after you have gone out with him should you get back with him if you love him?

If your idea of a good relationship is being with someone who would flirt with your sister and friends, then go for it. On the other hand, you could try to figure out why you would love someone who wouldn't be faithful and devoted to you. What is it about yourself that would think that you don't deserve a faithful guy? Give yourself some credit and find a guy who will love you.

There's this girl I really love and one of her friends said I should change what I wear and stuff. I am in the 6th grade. What should I do?

Don't change. be yourself. no matter what this girl friend says do believe here. If you really love this girl be yourself and talk to her when you see her. Who knows she might love you back.

Should you ask someone to ask the girl you love if she likes you?

no, ask yourself!

How do you make a girl i only see once in a while love me?

Just be yourself.

What best thing can make girl to love you when you in love?

You cant make anyone love you. you can only be yourself and hope they feel the same..

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How do you tell a girl you love her if she is your best friends twin sister if your shy is there a way to drop hints or so thing?

Tell her "I love you"