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Try talking some sleeping pills, if not try to do something you know bores you, like reading or watching tv or having a bath to help you wind down.

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Q: You only sleep 2 hours a day what should you do to sleep better?
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How many hours of sleep should a 59 year old female require?

As a person gets older they require less hours of sleep and can actually function better on a lower number of hours. Typically when you get older you have a harder time sleeping and only get about 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

Is it better to only get a few hours of sleep or no sleep For that day because right now I don't feel tired but I have to study?

Some is better than none.

How long should a 14 year old sleep?

It is healthy to sleep 8-10 hours a day. I only get about 7.

How many hours of sleep should a 38 year old get?

i wouldn't know im only 19 but probably 10 hours which is right in between the most hours of sleep someone should get which is 12 hours and the least amount you should get which is 8. i hope i did a little help for you. :P

How many hours do elephants sleep?

how many hours of sleep does a elephant sleep

How many hours should a twelve year old girl get of sleep?

12 year old girl needs only 8 hour uninterupted sleep good luck

How many hours of sleep does one get in 180 days if they only sleep 7 hours a day?

1,260 hours in total.

How much does a human sleep?

If you meant human: on average, a human should sleep at least 8-10 hours, no more, no less. but on average, human normally sleeps for only 5-7 hours.

How much sleep should you get every night?

teens need about 9 to 10 hrs per night but adults need at least 8.

How many hours of sleep should a twelve years old get?

12 year old girl needs only 8 hour uninterupted sleep good luck

When you sleep 10 hours per a week?

10 hours per week? That isn't good at all. You need sleep to recharge neurons and heal tissues. REM sleep is essential to maintain good health. You should definitely sleep more. If you're only sleeping 10 hours a week because you're suffering from insomnia you should see a doctor; it's very treatable.

How many hours of sleep are you meant to get?

You are suposed to sleep around 8 hours every night, however you should also take a nap in the afternoon which has it's own benefits so you cant use it to replace your night sleep. At least 8It varies hugely.Some people can function with only 3 hours per day others need 8 - 9 hours.Most need about 6 - 8 hours