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You can call them or Skype them or think of them every night and think I will see them soon or he/she is having a good time and is safe.

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if i miss my dad i will toke to hem is the fone and if he wes ther i wode sai llove hem



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Q: You miss your brother and sister what should you do?
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How do you say i miss you sister in Korean?

if you are younger sister/brother you should say 언니 / 누나 보고 싶어요 Unni(use for girl)/Noona(use for boy) bogo sip-eoyo if you are bigger sister/brother you should say (your sister name) 아 보고 싶어 (your sister name) ah bogo sip-eo

What should you call your brother whife's brother and his wife?

your brother in-law and your sister in-law

Should you call your brother-in-law's son nephew?

Yes, for a nephew is sister's son, brother's son, wife's brother's son, wife's sister's son, husband's brother's son, husband's sister's son

What should brother call to his sister's son?


What should my husband call my sister's husband?

My wifes brother in law!

Who does miss bingley want her brother Charles to marry.?

Caroline Bingley wants her brother to marry Mr. Darcy's sister, Georgiana.

Is Janet Jackson sad about Michael Jackson's death?

Michael is her brother, and no matter what, she still loved him. Of course she was sad, he was her brother, wouldn't you be sad if your brother or sister died? She will deeply miss him.

I'm hanging out with my brother and his other sister soon and don't know what we should do Any suggestions?

If you are hanging out with your brother and his other sister, then you should go to the theater to watch a movie.

How should a brother and sister be?

Well yes it is still important to have relationship between brother and sister because even if you say that you don't love her or it doesn't really mater that it's not important. But in real life you do know that it is important.

Does a sister have to forgive the younger sister more?

Yes. As a younger brother I learned more from my older brother then by him ignoring me. If you really love your sister you should atleast try to talk to her.

What you should call your husband sister?

You can refer to her as your sister-in-law; in person you should call her by her name.

What should i call elder brother's wife?

sister in law