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Well if you love this guy then ask him if he loves you and if you are still not sure then plan a romantic evening:

Dinner with wine of course.

Romantic music

And talk about your relationship

And then tommorrow ask him if he loves you that's what i would do.

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Q: You love this guy but not sure if he loves you?
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What do you do if you love a guy but your not sure he loves you?

You can ask him does he like you

How to tell when a guy is in love?

When a guy loves you he will want to spend time with you and make you happy. It is very sweet so make sure you love him to or get out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you love a guy but your not sure he loves you back what do you do?

test him and don't let him hurt! if he really loves he would get jealous when you have a guy friend! he don't want to talk to you! but i don't if it is true that the more he hates the more he loves you!

What does it means if a guy doesnt says i love you?

if a guy doesn't say he loves you then its just that hez not sure about wether he is ready for that type of comintment.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

What makes a guy fall in love with a girl?

If a guy loves a curtain girl its only because he loves her for who she is most guys love girls for breasts or their butts but that's not love that's only sexual reactions if a guy loves a girl he would tell her he loves her for who she is.

How do you know if the guy you love loves you back?

the guy tells you

You love this guy but should you get with him?

well if you love him and he loves you and hes a good guy , then go for it !

What does love mean when a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy?

I think different! They should feel it from the heart!

How can you be sure that a guy loves you?

he doesn't cheat on you.

How do you know if a guy loves you without asking him?

Guys are different. No two guys are the same. If it's love, you'll feel it for sure.

When a guy says he wants to love you what does he mean?

That he loves you.