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Move on. you are the other woman and he does not plan on leaving her for you.

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Q: You like this guy but he has a girlfriend and he lies to you about not having one?
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Every guy i meet lies about having a girlfriend is it me?

It depends on where you meet them

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend?

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend then you should back off and only try and be his friend.

What happens your girlfriend lies about hanging with a guy?

give her one more chance if she breaks it DUMP HER

What to do if you like a boy with a girlfriend?

If the boy has a girlfriend, find a guy that doesn't have a girlfriend.

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend what do i do?


Why guy Dream of girlfriend having affair?

Because they're insecure.

My guy friend likes me and i like him but hes still dating his girlfriend and he lied to me saying that he wasn't What should I do?

If he's lying to you now, there is a good chance he will lie to you later if you started dating him. As long as he is still dating his girlfriend, you should keep your distance. He might like you, or he might be enjoying the attention of having a girlfriend and having you like him at the same time.

Is a guy considered as gay when nothing is being said about him having a girlfriend?

No of course not!

How can a white guy like you get an Asian girlfriend?


If the guy you really like has a girlfriend what should you do ps- you really like this guy and had a crush on him for 2 years?

He has a girlfriend. So you butt out. It's not complicated.

How do you get over a guy that has a girlfriend?

you use his girlfriend like a ladder and jump over him

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to hang out with a friend who is a guy this guy used to like my girlfriend but now he has a girlfriend what do i do is it right for me to be bothered?

Well, its ok for them to hang out. If you trust her, then yes, if not then go with her. Like a double date.