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You should ask her, she may feel the same way and if she doesn't you can both still be friends. Shes not going to like you any less if you ask her out and says she doesn't like you in that way. What's the worst that could happen? - (a girls view)

Before you ask her, though, you need to get over how you look. It's surprising how little other people care about looks!(Especially when comparing to how you thik they care about your looks!) I'm a girl, and I really don't care about how people look.

Also, since you're friends, now is the best time to start a relationship as you are both comfortable around each other.

Good luck!! ;D

Side note, as a teen girl, I do not judge boys on appearance so go for it!

already being your friend is good because then she knows the real you and she likes you enough to be your friend, so she'll probably look past your looks (-a girl)

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Well, this girl seems great! As a girl myself, I've been asked out by a not so attractive guy that I count as just a friend. But I agreed to "hang out" with him. I didn't know he was saying to go out on a date... Well, fast forward, and we had our date. I was wrong about him. I saw him as more than a friend but I was afraid something would change our friendship, so I blocked his number. I deleted his number. I avoided him. I know I'm gonna regret that. But yes. Ask her out she could say yes

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Q: You like this girl and we are friends and she is beautiful and has the greatest personality but you're not the most attractive guy so should you ask her out anyway?
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