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it helps if you talk to him, then he can get to know you.

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Q: You like a boy but you dont talk to him?
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How do you talk to an apathetic boy that you like?

you dont you avoid him

Could a boy still like you after you dont talk to each other?

Yes it is possible.

There is a boy you like how can you get him to like you?

you punch him You dont punch him. Get to know him better and maybe talk to him more and things like that.

What do boy do if they like you?

well, we flirt,txt you alot, talk bout you ,hang with you. stuff like that p.s dont like a boy because hes hot, like him for his insides

How do you know if a boy has a girlfriend if you dont talk to him and dont see him much?

you can only tell if a boy has a girlfiend if you dont talk or see him much, by smelling his genitals.. he likes it

How do you get the most popular boy in school to like you?

talk to him dont be scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if that does not work see if he has a facebook or myspace and get one and request him and then you can talk to him on there

What do you do when you like a boy bu they dont like you?

take it slow talk to him more find out a more about him write him love notes

How do you tell if a boy you don't really know hates you?

you know that if they dont really talk to you but if they like you youll no it

If you haven't seen a boy you like for a very long time what is the best way to talk to him?

just talk normally like a friend just a friend and if you have a boyfriend dont talk about him to the other guy

How do you get a boy to like you if you are not so popular?

Be his friend and be cool DONT talk about drama, girly stuff, or talk too much guys like girls they feel comfortable around and can talk about anything with

How do you talk to a boy who you really like and you're afraid to talk to him Please help?

Dont be afraid hes just a boy. Be your self and be confident Angry at above poster: Please DO NOT delete what I said.

How do you talk to the boy you like?

Dont be scared. There's a girl at my school who likes me and I like her to but she stammers alot when I try beeing nice to her. I asked her out and she said yes. Dont be scared