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U might be thinking about your Ex boyfriend, because he might still love him, Think is he worth try to getting back with.


I totally understand- im currently dating the guy I've been wanting to date for three years, i really love him, and i don't think or fantasize about an ex- i think its because he actually does things. we havent had sex, and don't plan to for a while, because we are both 14. he's easy to talk to, and he comforts me. i think the reason why you are dreaming of one of your ex boyfriends is probably because that ex did things you dream about, and if youre dating someone who isn't doing anything with you, you will dream about other guys. that's the way it is.

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In the case of young adolescents going through puberty, having sexual and\or romantic dreams about the person who have a crush on is a common thing. Often, dreams are caused by thinking about the person, or thinking sexual thoughts about that person, before falling asleep.

It could also mean that whatever happens in the dream symbolizes specific feelings. For example, if a young girl had a dream that her boyfriend would not kiss her, it could express that she was feeling frustrated and romantically deprived because he was not making sufficient romantic moves to satisfy or please her.

Does it have an effect on your health? The answer is most often no. You may suffer some loss of sleep, but unless the dreams are particularly vivid, startling, and short, it probably will not effect your health unless you are lusting after the person constantly.

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It's called wishful thinking. Find a new boy-friend.

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Q: You keep having dreams about your ex boyfriend coming back to you?
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