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the one that treats you right the most, the one you feel more comfortable with, the one who you could be yourself more, and the one who could take your problems away, and the one who you crave more (like seeing him more, talking to him more). Just trust your heart, don't think about the person who would get hurt, ask yourself who you like more and your first answer is your answer. Don't doubt or rethink about it, it'll confuse you more.

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Q: You have two boyfriends and you like them both which one do you chose?
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What ever you do don't cheat on you boyfriend and it's OK, if you don't love your boyfriend, to tell him that you don't like him. But if you show them love both the same way or your boyfriends best friend more one of them or both is most likely going to be hurt. And in the end you can only choose one.

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