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Of course m8!!

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Q: You have some desire to make love?
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What is love briefly?

Love can be explained briefly as the desire to make another happy in everything that you do and say.

If Love is irresistible desire and irresistibly desired?

Your question does not make sense.

How does Aphrodite make people fall in love?

They simply do if it is her will; she is the goddess of love and desire. She had a host of attendant gods, including Eros and the Erotes, personifications of love and desire, and the Kharites, goddesses of grace and beauty.

What are some signs of love?

Signs of love include putting that person's needs before your own, thinking about how your actions affect him or her, and a desire to make that person happy, even if it means sacrificing some of your own "wants."

What are some other terms for love or passion?

Some alternative words for love and passion are Desire Amorous heartfelt yearning Need

When was Love Desire created?

Love Desire was created on 1991-05-16.

What are some words that begin with D and mean love and romance?

desire, dedicated

What is the theme in the heir?

u need to make a cliam on the world and the people u love to get what u most desire. (the last sentence in the book) You need to make a claim on the world and the people you love to get what you most desire. (the last sentence in the book)

How do you make a kid happy?

Take he/she to some where they desire

What power did Aphrodites have?

Aphrodite was the goddess that was the personification of desire, sexuality, and love.

What do you really desire in love?

You desire to love when you have love within yourself. The starting point is oneself, one must first have what he/she is willing to give out. After having love within, then it an be shared.

Why does holden fear and desire love in the catcher and the rye?

Holden fears and desire love because he lost someone that he love and he is afraid that if he loves again he will loose then to