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If you have buzzing sounds in your ears and head it could be indicative of tinnitus. The most common cause of tinnitus is due to hearing loss as a result of excessive noise.

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Q: You have buzzing sounds in my ears and head what could this be?
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What condition do you have if you get pressure and a buzzing noise and loss of hearing when you move your head in a certain way and then returns if you keep head still?

It sounds like it may be a sinus and/or ear infection, or possibly fluid build up in the ears.

How do we hear sounds binaurally?

Two ears - separated by your head.

How can you protect your ears from being damaged by loud sounds?

you can put head phones in or ear muffs or you could just not the loud sound in the first place

What is ear noise?

It is called Tinnitus, a sound in one or both ears such as buzzing or ringing. May be caused by an ear infection, or head injury for example

Why are ears important?

Ears are placed on each side of a persons head. The function of an ear is to hear sounds that are made.

Why can you hear your blood whooshing in your ears?

Many people report a "ringing," "buzzing," or "roaring" that others cannot hear. Sometimes the sounds "pulse" with the person's heartbeat. But rather than blood "whooshing," those sounds usually turn out to be subjective head-noises known as tinnitus. Most tinnitus is harmless; some can be treated. People who experience subjective head-noises might want to consult with a physician to ask whether the symptom needs attention or whether the noises can be diminished.

What does it mean when everything seems to be spinning around?

It sounds like you are dizzy. If you sit and tilt your head and the room spins, it could be a problem with your ears, like swimmer's ear or an ear infection. See a doctor.

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If you have a drilling-like sound in your right ear no fever no recent blow to the head or ears what could be wrong?

If it is constant, it could be tinnitus. I do not believe that there is a cure currentlyHave you been exposed to constant loud noise in a work environment and have you noticed symptoms of hearing loss. If so you could have noise induced hearing loss - and the drilling or buzzing like sound is tinnitus which goes hand in hand with hearing loss.

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