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An error code 3 on a Westpoint electric blanket means that it is getting too hot or the heat flow is restricted. If you have it tucked under your whole body or tucked under your bed; un-tuck it to allow the heat to flow properly.

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Q: You have Westpoint Electric Blanket model 900 E82691 and it is reading error code 3 what is wrong with it?
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How do I reset an error code 6?

You have an electric blanket by West point Home Inc Model 900 E82691 and the control is flashing an error message The instruction manual has been lost how can you get a replacement to decode the error?

Yeah, it says to send it in for service when that happens - or I guess you could just live with one remote instead of two. I have to send mine in and I've only had it 15 days! This is ridiculous!***********************************************************Try this. I just last night got the answer to the "E" code on the electric blanket control. When you get the "E" code (1) turn the blanket off. (2) Next unplug both blanket and electricity. (3) Next insert control plug in blanket. (4) After a few seconds (when blanket has recognized it has a plug in it) plug the control into electrical outlet. The "E" code will have been reset to normal. Good luck. It worked for me last night.***************************************************Tried that, but realized my blanket, in fact, has a malfunctioning side. Proved it when I switched controllers to other side. Sure enough, the same side would show the flashing Error code 6. Only got one year out of this blanket.I have a similar problem, only a code 1 and E. I am also unable to turn the controller off. The blanket is one month old at most. If you are looking for an electric blanket I suggest NOT buying West Point**************************************************I have a Westpoint Home blanket that's been in use for exactly 8 days and already has an error code. I haven't tucked the blanket in, or done anything the instructions said not to do. I unplugged the blanket. Unplugged the wall outlet. Tried everything, and it still gives me an error code. EIGHT DAYS was all I got! Now, I have to mail this thing (during the busy holiday season) back to the manufacturer for a warranty repair! My suggestion to you is to never buy anything from WestPoint Home again! EIGHT DAYS of functionality was all I got!=====================================================Hey! I have the queen size dual control, and I've been getting that annoying E message and the number 4 on one side only-the other side works fine, but I just tried the advice above that said to unplug the electricity AND then unplug the actual plug-ins to the blanket itself, etc. Well, I did that, and waited at least a minute, then plugged in the plugs to the blanket, and then to the electricity. WELL, I still got the E error, soooo I lowered the number down to number 4, and it worked! It didn't go to "E", then I raised it to 5 and waited a minute and then was able to raise it to 6. It's been about 7 minutes now and it's still on! Sleep warBought my blanket 9053 king size control 900 . Developed E3 error on one size sent back to Westpoint and was refused service because of no sales slip. found sale slip but was refused service because it was an ebay sale. Was one year into a five year warranty. They offered to sell me new controls for $25.00 but when I asked if the new control was modified to correct past problems they said no. I don't feel this company is customer friendly and quibbles over warranties. I would not recommend their productsWe have had the king size for at least 3 years and last night we got the error "E" on my husband's side. I noticed that he had worn thru the button so I unplugged all as above, put heavy duty tape over the button, plugged in the plug to the blanket, waited 2 minutes, then plugged in to the electricity. Fixed. Don't know for how long but it's been working great a few hours now!#######################################################This is my third winter with this blanket. Flashed error code for first time. Unplugged everything. Re-plugged in, still flashed error. However after pushing in the on/off button and holding it in while pushing the up arrow and then the down arrow for temperature setting, it turned itself off. I waited several minutes and then turned the blanket on and guess what? No error message. It looks like it is operating as it should. It began heating, but had to shut it off to go to work. Will check it tonight and report back.