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Get to your dentist right away. Only your dentist can adequately assess the health of the tooth. Occasionallyi,f it is not too bad. But you should contact your dentist or physician.

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Q: You got smacked in the mouth will a loose tooth tighten up?
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Loose tooth on your upper part of your mouth will a dentist have to remove it and place with a dental implant?

if its a big tooth then probably other wise not

What is the other way to write when you have loose tooth?

I do not see why a loose tooth should affect how you write unless you happen to have lost the function of your arms and use your mouth to hold a pen/pencil. If so, I suggest you seek help.

When does your baby loose there first tooth?

Your baby can loose there first tooth around the age of six. Your baby can loose there first tooth around the age of six.

Should you take your child to the dentist if their cavity in their tooth is loose?

No. There is no point if the tooth is loose.

How do you loss a tooth when it is not loose?

If a tooth is not loose then the only way you can loose it is if somebody knocks it out or if you bang it off of something hard

If you have a loose tooth is it better to brush or dont brush?

Even if you have a loose tooth, you should still brush your teeth. It may hurt, but if you want to, don't brush the tooth that is loose. Enjoy this answer!

What Do You Have To Do When A Tooth Fell off Your Mouth?

Normally,when I used to loose a tooth,I would get a cup of warm water,and put some salt in it. I would then take a big sip, (Like mouth wash) and not drink it,but swish it around in my mouth,then spit it out after a while in the sink,it helps stop the bleeding from the gums

What are the ratings and certificates for Loose Tooth - 1997?

Loose Tooth - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

Where is tooth?

in your mouth

Should you force a loose tooth out of a 6 yr old mouth?

No. Forcing it out will only make things worse. Tell the kid it will not hurt at all if the tooth comes out. Try the string technique or visit the dentist.

Are tooth fairies real because you have a loose tooth?

Not real.

Is the fang the sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth?

Yes the fang is the most sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth