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You can try by getting a girlfriend and try spending more time with some girls.

well your a bisexual but your more so gay so try to get a girl and do everything to her

okay so your a bisexual. now all you need to do is figure out weather you like girls more than you do boys or weather you like boys more than you like girls. but it sounds to me like you are more into girls than you are into boys. don't worry about the stereotyping people can be cruel trust me i know. but eventually they will all get over it and accept you for who you are....

I do not want to erase what everyone else has said, because it is up to you to choose what decisions you make in life. If you love girls, you love them. If you feel small feelings towards some guys sometimes, that is natural. It is okay for guys to think other guys are attractive, and it is okay for girls to find other girls pretty. It is a common thing that people have. It is not so much as "having feelings" it is more like having opinions of a person. Judging them, if that is what you want to call it. Some people you will have better opinions than others. I would not be trying to "like girls more" if you already love them, then you're fine.

Everyone has a point. If you WANT to be turned on by girls find the things that do turn you on with a girl. Interact more with the girls in your life. Not saying dont have guy friends. Look at the things on a guy that turn you off and keep those things in mind when near them.

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Q: You get a little bit turned on by girls and you love them but you get turned on by boys - what are you or how can you get more turned on by girls?
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