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Hey, Sounds a lot like pregnancy and the shot is not 100 percent and also the pill is supposed to regulate your period so if its doing the opposite you should see your doctor..

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Q: You feel bloated you feel tired a lot and feel like you have butterflies but you are on the shot and have not had a period since July What is wrong with me?
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You are feeling tired bloated and you are bleeding but you are not supposed to get your period yet what is the cause for this?

you should really see a doctor

My last period was lighter and it happened only 2.5day since then i am feeling tired gas bloated lower back painwhat could be d reason?

The reason for the painful periods could be a problem with the uterus or the other pelvic organs.

Could your belly change at week 5 of pregnancy?

There is no absolute answer. Some women get bloated just before a period and they will get bloated just the same but no period will come because they are pregnant so they stay bloated . Some women don't get bloated at all. I don't, lucky me.

What happens before periods?

you usually get break-out, cramps, tired, breasts hurts, bloated, and PMS.

Threw up 1 meal nausea ever since through out the day bloated and tired?

It sounds to me like you have pregnancy symptoms. You might want to buy a home pregnancy test or make a appointment to see your gynecologist.

Your nips are tender and you are bloated tired dizzy stomach aches but you just finshed your p 2 wks ago whats wrong can i be pregnant?

You are probably ovulating

You are 26 days late for your period feel bloated tired getting cranky snapping at a lot of things last week you were feeling like you wanted to be sick yet you were hungry am I pregnant?

It sounds like you could well be. Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, go and see the doctor

When someone hasn't had their period since march 21st and it's April 30th and there is still no period.And they get dizzy and feel tired and sick or stressed all the time.Are they pregnant?

Of course they are !

Does your period suppost to make you tired?

Most of the time you get headaches or cramps but it likely that your period could make you tired, everybody has different symptoms, some people might not even have symptoms.

If you have dizziness lightheadedness tired and slight slight nausea I am due for my period today or tomorrow actually could I be pregnant?

Wait until after your period is due bc its too early to tell since pregnancy symptoms and menstruation symptoms are very similar.

I am 21 days late for my periodmy next period is due the 20th I have been feelin very tired since about aweek before the missed period and urinating lots I was bleeding v.lighlty 10days before period?

Take a pregnancy test, sounds like you may be pregnant...Good Luck

Is it normal for a girl to be tired and get headaches when starting her first period?