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This sounds gross but try to burp as much as you can

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Q: You drank too much and now you find it hard to breathe what do you do?
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Why is it hard for people to breathe and they don't have much energy when they are sick?

when i have a cold, it is hard for me to breathe. i don't have much energy. why do you think this happen

Why do you get stiffys?

if your penis goes hard, maybe if you drank to much, not nessaceraly alchohol

Why was it hard for early scientists to state how you breathe?

1. Tecnology 2. Not much was invented

What is the duration of The Boy Who Drank Too Much?

The duration of The Boy Who Drank Too Much is 1.65 hours.

When was The Boy Who Drank Too Much created?

The Boy Who Drank Too Much was created on 1980-02-06.

How does regular training improve respiratory system?

well its simple really, you see you wont be out as breathe as much due to your exercising working with it and also you find it much easier to breathe hope this helped.

Will you be clean 24 hours after drinking?

For a male, 2 stds in the first hour, then 1 every hour following. For females, 1 every hour (standard) Sorry, im not sexist. But its on average, quicker for a girl to be affected by alcohol.

Kevin drank fluid ounces of juice. How much is this in cups?

(the number of ounces he drank)/8

Why do you pee too much?

because you drank to much if somthing!!

How much exercise is too much?

You'll know it's too much when you start feeling Light-Headed, its hard to breathe, and you can barely walk. Such a thing is known as Mild - Moderate Dehydration.

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