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he will probabaly still have feelings for you even though it didn't work out. if he has another girl in his life, he will love her, but in a different way to you because everyone's unique. that's the only way i can explain it .

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Q: You dont know wheather your ex still likes you even though he said he liked you?
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If a guy liked you last year and still acting the same way around you does that mean he still likes you?

Yep. Ask him if he likes you.

If a guy that once liked you and feelings are still there and holds your hand what does that mean?

Uh...he still likes you

I like this boy and I don't know if he likes me still I already went out with him but then he went out with my sister now I don't know if he likes me?

well Mandy if he liked u then he still must some how either a little bit or a lot he still likes u! well Mandy if he liked u then he still must some how either a little bit or a lot he still likes u!

Lets say there a guy you like and he used to like you too. how do you know if he still likes you Or if he's still interested Or that he just moved on?

if the guy is always around you and dosent treat you like a sister he probably still likes you, or if you always see him looking at you or "checkin you out" he probably still likes it also depends how long ago he liked you if he liked you six months he probably still likes you if he liked you two years ago he probably dosent like you likes you. and if your still not sure take a chance and tell him how you feel it will show him how much you like him and hopefully he will give you a chance

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if you still like him and he still likes you, GO FOR IT! nothing should be in your way

Does that mean the guy you like like you more if he liked you before he liked your friend and he still likes you now but he doesn't like her anymore?

i hope not

If a girl liked you and you liked her and then a couple days later she starts acting weird how do you know if she still likes you?

get all your courage together and ask her

She did know both but she liked him before you went out with him and you told him that you liked him and he still likes you i can tell but he likes her more what do you do?

Let them be with eachother. I know it may be hard but don't worry yours will soon come along.

What happens if a guy liked you Asked you out you say no then you like him but he treats you bad after and you don't know if he still likes you?

He still likes you.Hes just scared that your finding out that he likes you so he starts to pretened.That always happens to me