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You cannot be a lesbian if you seriously have a boyfriend - who you are sexually attracted to, you might be bisexual -if you are sexually attracted to girls too and not just curious. Of course you don't wanna kiss anyone besides your boyfriend, if you had a girlfriend it would be the same thing, you kiss the one you love. But since you don't know, then i think you are not.

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Q: You do not know if you are a lesbian but you do not want to kiss a girl because you have a boyfriend?
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If you are a girl and you want kiss another girl how do you get her to kiss you without asking her?

It's easy all you have to do is get two lesbian girls and see if they love each other then their kiss. Second way get a lesbian girl to kiss any girl you want them to kiss but the other girl that's not a lesbian might get mad.

What can do to cheek a girl lesbian or not?

kiss her

How do you kiss a straight girl if youre lesbian?

You kiss a straight girl the same way you kiss a lesbian. If you are asking "How do I get a straight girl to kiss me?", then the answer may be --- be yourself and if she likes you also, then eventually she'll share a kiss with you. Of course if she has a crush on you then she is Bi and not really straight.

Who do you call it if I'm a lesbian and I want to kiss a girl?

Normal. That's the point of your being lesbian.

What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

Is it wrong to french kiss your girl best friend when you have a boyfriend?

hell no your boyfriend should be more than pleased because of it

How do you kiss if your a lesbian?

First,It doesnt Matter You kiss Normally You could look on the Internet how to kiss and You can learn from there Its the same with girl boy contact but its the same with girl girl contact

Why did lita kiss trish?

because she is a lesbian

What does it mean If a girl kiss you but your not her boyfriend?

that she likes you

Is it ok to kiss a girl if you are both lesbians?

Yes. Part of being a lesbian is liking to touch, lick, kiss other lesbians. If you did not do so then it would be assumed you are not a lesbian.

Will a girl hug you or kiss you if she has a boyfriend?

It just depends on the type of girl she is

What does a girl do when boyfriend want to make out?

you kiss him if you want to