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Continuation of question: I used to sleep easily all night just woke up a few times after a nightmare and would fall asleep easily. My ex girlfriend used to complain constantly that i would twitch and moan in my sleep... any1 know what is wrong with me ? ive got an appointment to see my dr. next week.

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Q: You cant fall asleep and stay asleep for more than 10 minutes at a time. this has only been happening for about a week ive had 9 hours of sleep in the past 4 days you used to be able to sleep easy all?
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What is sleep latency?

Sleep latency-- The amount of time that it takes to fall asleep. Sleep latency is measured in minutes and is important in diagnosing depression.

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How many minutes of sleep does the average brain need?

Your brain needs 5 minutes of sleep. Your body needs 8 hours of sleep.

8 hours until 16 year old gets to sleep or 8 hours since he has fallen asleep for insance if a teen gets to bed at 11pm it takes some time to fall asleep if then he wakes up at 7am is that 8 h?

8 hours of sleep is from the time you fall asleep till the time you wake up. If the 16 year old fell asleep at 11 pm and woke at 7 am, this would be 8 hours.

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It is correct to say "you were asleep." "Asleep" is the correct adjective to describe the state of being in sleep or unconsciousness. "You were sleep" would be grammatically incorrect.

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they sleep about 4.6 hours a day

What is the difference between sleep and asleep?

"Sleep" is a noun referring to the natural state of rest in which the body is inactive, while "asleep" is an adjective describing the state of being in that state of rest. So, you can be "asleep" (adjective) when you are in a state of "sleep" (noun).

How many hours of sleep do you need if you are in middle school?

Eight hours and thirty minutes.

What are signs of insomnia?

Inability to focus, frequent headaches, most of the time you feel irritated, You sleep much better when you are in other places. It usually takes you several hours before you can fall asleep. Disturbed sleep - you wake up after a few hours of sleep, and you have a hard time falling back to sleep. You can't fall asleep without sleeping pills. These are all signs of insomnia.

How many hours do average people sleep?

Newborn - up to 18 hours 1-12 months - 14-18 hours 1-3 years - 12-15 hours 3-5 years - 11-13 hours 5-12 years - 9-11 hours Adolescents - 9-10 hours Adults (including elderly) - 7-8 hours Pregnant women - 8(+) hours

What is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test?

measures sleep latency (onset) and how quickly REM sleep occurs, may be used. People who have narcolepsy usually fall asleep in less than five minutes