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Have you had unprotected anal intercourse? Is there pain in the area? Are your bowel movements normal? You could have a discharge from your "bum" if you have a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhoea. This wouldn't be painful. If you had an abscess, you would leak a thickish fluid that smells bad, you would have pain and other signs of infection, such as a fever. It could be a parasitic infection in the gut, ie worms. Or an inflammatory condition such as coeliac disease or another sort of tummy bug. There are so many things it could be that you really need a proper history taken followed by a careful examination with swabs and samples taken for laboratory analysis. The best thing is to go to a sexual health clinic for a proper check up. On the internet, all anyone can do is to guess what the problem might be. In these clinics, you will be seen, confidentially, by people who really know what they are talking about, and the best treatments and the right advice.

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Q: You are leaking a fluid from your bum and you are not pregnant?
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