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A low RBC is caused by A) under production of rbc's, B) bleeding, internal or external - enough that your body can't keep up with the loss, this can be a sudden severe blood loss or a slow bleed internally. C) anemia - insufficient intake of iron rich food.

Blood in the urine can be caused by infection, inflammation, strenuous activity, medication such as aspirin or internal bleeding.

Has infection of the urinary tract been ruled out? Has bleeding caused by medication been ruled out? Has abnormal blood cells been ruled out? There are many causes of anemia, some serious, some just needing a a change in your diet.

The low rbc can be caused by infection in the urinary tract or elsewhere - causing the bleeding and bruising. The blood in your urine can be caused by a bleed elsewhere causing the the low rbc causing the bruising. Do you see the cycle here?

Certain infections, blood diseases and autoimmune disorders and the use of some medications can affect rbc production and lead to anemia. Are you having other symptoms, caused by infection, blood loss/rbc deficiency? such as fatigue, chronic infections, irregular heart rate?

There is not enough information to correctly point you in the direction of the cause: such as is this bright red bleeding indicating in came from the urinary tract. Is it brown or rust colored meaning it came from elsewhere - possibly your stomach or even sinus cavity, or is it "hidden" microscopic hematuria meaning it is only visible under the microscope.

Iron deficiency anemia: lack of iron rich food in your diet - red meat, green leafy veggies

Vitamin deficiency anemia: lack of folate and/or b12.

Anemia of chronic disease: HIV, Kidney disease, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, other autoimmune disorders or chronic inflammatory disease or cancers.

Hemolytic anemia: meaning the rbc's are destroyed faster than they are produced, this can be caused by some medications, autoimmune disorders or blood disease.

Other anemia's: caused by an inherited blood disorder, autoimmune disorders, Aplastic anemia when your body stops producing enough new blood cells.

When you make your appointment with the doctor make a list of any symptoms, connected to this issue or not. Including any recent life changes or stresses in your life. Bring your history of past illnesses, surgeries, pregnancies (if applicable) and medications, supplements or vitamins. Work history, family health history and any questions.

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Q: You are having blood in your urine lots of bruising and your rbc is real low what can be the reason?
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