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If you are severely allergic, you will react to it just as you would if you took it orally. Although administered topically, it is secreted into the bloodstream.

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Q: You are extremely allergic to sulfa Can you use the sulphur cream to treat rosacea or will you still have the severe allergic reaction you do when you take sulfa orally?
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Is sulphur good for rosacea?

Sulphur is an old and very effective treatment for rosacea

What are some ways to treat rosacea?

Prosacea is an over the counter medication for rosacea rthat contains 10% sulphur. You can find it in most pharmacies.

Is levofloxacin a sulphur containing drug?

No. I am allergic to Sulpha drugs and I can take levofloxacin.

What is the word equation for sulfur plus oxygen?

"sulphur+oxygen->sulphur oxide."Se + O2 under pressure renders SeO2 (selenium dioxide). "Comment on the fact that the analagous reaction between sulphur and oxygen, although extremely slow, gives a product with a different stoichiometry". Part 1A Inorganic Chemistry Paper, University of Oxford, 2008.So the paper suggeststhat sulphur dioxide is not the product of direct combination of sulphur and oxygen. Why is this? Is it contaminated with some SO3?I think it's actually sulphur dioxide rather than sulphur oxide as someone else suggested. If you look at the reaction of carbon and oxygen, it doesn't produce carbon oxide, but carbon dioxide. So therefore I think if:Carbon + oxygen --> carbon dioxideThen:Sulphur + oxygen --> Sulphur dioxide

Why do your sinuses get congested when you drink alcohol?

You are likely having an allergic reaction to either the wheat, yeast, or sulphur dioxide (found in the wine). People who experience congestion when drinking also commonly get a flushed red face and skin coloring as well, which is also a sign of an allergic reaction to something in the alcohol. Try gin or vodka to see if you get the same effect, it is likely the wheat or yeast in wine and beer causing the reaction.

What is the reaction of sodium sulphite and sulphur?

sodium thiosulphate

Sulphur burning in oxygen?

The reaction is: S + O2 = SO2

What happens when water is added to the gas jars in which sulphur was burnt?

When water is added to the gas jars in which sulphur was burnt, a chemical reaction occurs. The sulphur dioxide gas produced from burning sulphur reacts with the water to form sulphurous acid (H2SO3). This reaction results in the formation of a colorless solution with acidic properties.

What happens when you put sulphur into hydrochloric acid?

Any reaction occur.

What word equation do you get from sulphur and oxygen?

Sulphur and oxygen react to form either sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide, depending on reaction conditions.

What is the word equation for the reaction of magnesium and sulphar?

Magnesium + sulphur -> magnesium sulphate

How is sulphur dioxide prepared in laboratory?

Sulphur Dioxide can be prepared by reaction of copper with concentrate sulphuric acid. Cu + H2SO4 ----------> CuSO4 +SO2 + 2H2O