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I am 37 and 5' tell me when you find out the answer ;)

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Q: You are 14 years old 5'1 and you want to grow how do you do this?
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If you have a baby penis and your 12 years old Will it grow?

yes when u turn 14 it will grow lik 5inches

Do teen noses still grow after 14 years old?

Yes, for the rest of our lives our noses grow, only slowly.

What is the noun formation of grow?

The noun form of 'grow' is growth.Example: "He went through a growth spurt when he was 14 years old."

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If it's your dream, do it!

If you are 14 years old and you dick is still pointy is that bad?

No it will grow during the puberty years. By the time you reach 20-years-old it will be the size it will stay during adulthood.

Will my penis grow at the age 14?

no You may grow in any area up til age 19 in some cases .

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I am 14 years old and 4 ft 9 inch and im going to be 15 years old this December and i want to know can i still grow my parents height is average.?

I do not think you have anything to worry about. There is no defined height that one should be at. I am pretty sure you are still growing

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My name is Mackenzie and I am 14 years old. Now i have a question. why do you want to no this?

Can a 5 feet 7 inch girl will grow again if she is 14 years and 5 months old?