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He will be mad. If he doesn't speak to you for a while, then go to his house, talk about what happened, and sort it out. If he still doesn't accept the thought, just break up with him, he is not worth it if he is just going to ignore you.

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Q: You and your boyfriend had a argument now he is ignoring why?
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What does it mean when you and your boyfriend get in to an argument and he doesn't send back?

Maybe he's busy, or is just ignoring you so he can get over the argument. It depends what it was about, and how close you are. Good luck ,though.

What if your boyfriend loves you still but he is ignoring you?

depends why he is ignoring you

How do you get your boyfriend to stop ignoring you? ask him why he's ignoring you...

How do you get your boyfriend to stop ignoring you once your together?

If he s ignoring you, it's time to move on and find yourself other boyfriend.

Why does your boyfriend like to make me cry?

by ignoring you

How can you tell if your boyfriend is ignoring you?

probally if there not going out of there way to talk to you.

Friend ignoring you?

well if she's ignoring youmaybe she's going through a phase were she's only atracted to the boyfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps ignoring you?

either impress him or brake up with him

What can you do when your boyfriend doesn't talk to you?

When your boyfriend is ignoring you it is not a good sign. Talk to him when no one is around, but don't sound desperate.

How do I start talking to my friend who is pissed at me for jumping on her about ignoring me when she wasn't and now she is even more pissed at me because I keep ignoring her. Now she is ignoring me.?

What should i say. question mark

You want your boyfriend back but he is ignoring you?

If he is ignoring you then you too ignore him. Show him that you can be happy without him. if he really cares he will come back.

What do i do if my boyfriend is ignoring me and i dont know why?

Try to talk to him and find out the real reason or move on