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I assume you mean would you bleed to death if you bit your tongue off...well no, however you could most certainly die from it.

For one it would hurt like hell, you might pass out from the pain, at which time you would be at risk of choking to death on blood.

Also if left untreated the tongue stub would become infected and you could die of sepsis.

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Q: Would you die of you bite off your tongue?
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Would you die if you bite off your tongue?

Yes if you did not have quick medical attention, you could die from blood loss or from drowning (blood going into your lungs).

Can you bite your tongue off?

I'm not sure if it is possible to bite your tongue off. What is possible, is that during a seizure you could inflict a very nasty wound on your tongue.

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What happens if you bite your tongue off?

When you bite your tongue just a little there is a lot of pain, so biting it off would take much force and cause crucial and immense pain. Usually people use their tongue to get spit up to the front of their mouth, without a tongue you will not be able to spit the blood out therefore you either tilt your head down or it comes out your nose and you basically drown as it goes down your throat. The ways you could die are: bleeding out and drowning. This would also be very painful.

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It probably will, when you bite your tongue it heals right? when you scrape your skin somewhere it heals right? your tongue will probably heal after a while.

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not unless they bite your head off

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Cut their tongue off

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Ummm.... That's very unusual but 1a week is normal otherwise there is something wrong you have to check your tongue with a pin.

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