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Possibly, if not rinsed.

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Q: Would the use of Clorox cause peeling on fingers?
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Why is the tip of your fingers peeling?

The tips of the fingers are peeling two weeks is when this happens all started they get real numb a good thing to look into to see if there are any irritant can cause damage if not tended to they also say to prevent this use a hand dryer use a moisturizer.

Peeling fingers and toes?

There are numerous things that can cause your fingers and toe skin to peel. Some of these things include allergies, infections, immune system disorders, some cancer, and athlete's foot.

Why should i not use Clorox in hair to kill head lice?

Clorox is a bleach and will cause your scalp to burn possibly.

Can Clorox and water be used in dog bath?

No you cannot let dogs drink Clorox it will cause damage to the organs

Can skin peeling cause stretch mark?


What causes no feeling in your right fingers?

A stroke or nerve damage would cause a lack of sensation in the fingers.

I am peeling on my arm. what should i do?

You got to be white cause a black person would know to put some lotion on.

Can you store drinking water for an extended amount of time in a Clorox bottle?

It would be a bad idea to store drinking water in a Clorox bottle. Don't cause confusion by putting something safe to drink in a poison container. It could lead to tasting/drinking actual Clorox by mistake.

Will mixing Clorox and brake fluid really cause an explosion?

No if you mix Clorox and break fluid it will not cause a explosion. It will only begin to smoke a lot because of the reaction of the chemicals in each product.

What would cause a sore arm and numb fingers?

Whipping your arm 100 times then getting a truck to run over your fingers.

Can Clorox bleach burn your hands?

Clorox bleach is generally safe however prolonged contact with the product can cause chemical burn. Individuals with sensitive skin condition can experience burn after just a short contact with Clorox.

Will you get your normal skin color after peeling?

It depends on why your skin was peeling in the first place.Almost always - it can take a few weeks. though. The exception is if you were badly burned to the point that scarring occurred. It basically depends on the cause of the peeling, viz. sunburn, chemical peeling, etc.