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No...not if it is to sustain for the long-run. Being madly in love means the passion overshadows logic. Being irrevocably in love means that there is no turning back, no re-consideration if the circumstances change. If you felt irrevocable love and your lover did something that was unforgivable, would you continue? If I felt that kind of love and my lover showed a side that I had never seen, became someone other than what I thought he was, I would have to say I made a love wasn't irrevocable. It was conditional on my lover being the man he said he was and who I thought I knew him to be. Having no options, being madly and irrevocably in love, maintaining the feeling even in the face of negative change...all of these things make no sense for a healthy life.

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Q: Would madly and Irrevocably in love make sense?
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