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Yes, bruises are common after blood withdrawal, depending on the amount.

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Q: Would it still be normal if you bruise after withdrawing blood?
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How much bruising is normal?

yes because bruise is an amount of dead blood cells

Can a bruise not hurt?

A bruise does not always hurt. In fact, most don't. Pain would come from the underlying injury, not from the bruise itself. A bruise is simply blood in tissues from small broken blood vessels.

Is getting hit the only reason you would get blood bruises on body?

A blood bruise is different from a regular bruise. A regular bruise results from some force striking the area. For example, I fell, hit my knee, and got a bruise. A blood bruise results from blood leaking out of a capillary because of pressure on the capillary. For example, sucking the skin, or what's called a hickie / hickey, brings blood to the skin surface. The blood makes every pore into a red dot. Squeezing a pimple or pinching can have the same result.

Can you bruise the tip of an ear?

Certainly. Any time you break blood vessels under the skin, you've got a bruise. As the ear has a blood supply, you can indeed bruise it.

Is it normal for blood vessels to rupture?

When a blood vessel bursts, the wall of the vessel has an abnormal opening. This opening allows blood to escape the circulation, and may cause a bruise or hematoma.

Why has your puppy got yellow looking spots on his eyeballs?

The yellow spots are caused from tiny blood vessels that have ruptured (a bruise) The blood is starting to break down and is being reabsorbed by the body. So it's like a bruise where at first it is blue, then green, then yellow then back to normal only because the vessels of the eye are so superficial it would be red then yellow.

What if blood withdrawn is only 5cc would it still be possible for you to bruise?

Any amount of blood being drawn can cause bruising.

What causes a bruise?

It is caused by a bunch of broken blood vesseles, causing the color of a bruise to change.

What forms on the skin when blood leaks from broken blood vessels beneath the skin?

A contusion. This characterized by swelling and clotting of the subderal blood. You would probably call it a bruise.

What is the normal pressure of blood?

Normal blood pressure in an adult would be 120/80

If bruise apears after blood test what does it mean?

Bruising after a blood test is quite common. Sometimes the site where the blood was taken is not held tightly enough to allow for it to completely clot, allowing blood to seep from the vein and collect under the skin forming a bruise. The bruise will typically go away within a week.

What is Hemarthrosis?

A condition of blood within a joint