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Eating too much sugar can cause a person to become over-energetic, only to be followed by a slump of lack of energy. It can also lead to weight gain, sleep problems, and blood-sugar level problems within your body.

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There are plenty of theories regarding weight loss and weight control. There's Glycemic Index, there's LCHF just to mention a few.

But when it comes to controlling your body weight, the biggest thing is your energy (= calorie) balance.

If what you eat and drink during the day has more energy/calories than you use up, the body will turn that excess energy into fat and store it.

And it's always a balance between what, and how much you eat.

It's the calories that count the most - not the shape they come in.

A big serving of something that's low in calories,can have the same total number as a small serving of something that's high in calories.

It's a bit like with money, a bucket of coins can have the same value as a small stack of bills.

Again, It's the numbers that counts, not the shape they come in.

Now, for someone trying to lose or maintain weight, sweets are kinda dangerous. Sugary things tend to be real high in calories, so it only takes a handful to provide a huge amount of energy/calories.

There's nothing special about sweets as such, the same amount of calories from any other source would contribute just at much to your body weight.

Thing is, it's just so much easier to overeat on sweets than it is on apples.

Whatever method you look at, they're all after the same goal - to reduce a person's overall calorie intake/uptake. And as long as they do that, they will work.

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Eating too much sugar can certainly make you feel bad, and it is not good for you.

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Q: Would eating to much sugar make you feel bad?
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