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Yes. It shows anything that should not be in the body. Via, they add antibodies etc

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Q: Would a routine blood test show that you use amphetamine?
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How long does Dexedrine show up in blood test?

Yes, this will show up as an amphetamine.

What does Vyvanse show up as in a drug test?

It will show up as Amphetamine (whether legal: adderall, dexedrine, and vyvanse, or illegal: speed). Unfortunately they can not tell which you took, all it is to them is "AMPHETAMINE". SO unless you have a valid prescription you should be fine (not in all cases).

Will Vyvanse show up on drug test?

Yes, it will. It will show up in both blood and urine tests as an amphetamine.

Can a routine blood test show if you are pregnant?

no it can not show,unless u request it

Will phentremine show positive on drug test?

Phentermine will show up as an amphetamine. A laboratory scientist would report that you test positive for an amphetamine, which could be interpreted as Adderall, crystal meth, Dexadrine, etc.

Does adrenaline show up as amphetamine in blood test?

Especially in blood tests, they can show for months. If you have an addiction problem consult a local drug addiction program and get yourself help!

Swab test and Adderall?

It will show up as an amphetamine, so you would not pass.

Would Vyvanse show up as PCP on a urine drug screen? does not show up as PCP. But it does in fact show up as an Amphetamine.

Does sinus pills show up as an amphetamine on a drug test?

Yes sinus pills show up as an amphetamine.

Will adderall show up as cocaine on a hair drug test?

No. Cocaine will show up as cocaine, adderall will show up as amphetamine.

Will vyvance show up on a drug screen as an amphetamine?

Yes. It is a prodrug of an amphetamine.

How does adderall xr show up in urine test?

Adderall contains various amphetamine salts, and thus it gives a positive result for amphetamine(s) (some tests group various other amphetamine drugs, ie methamphetamine together with amphetamine) on a drug test.