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vacant uninhabited untenanted

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Q: Words to describe an empty place?
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How would you describe an empty field?

words to describe an empty field:vacantbaredesolatebarrendessertedblankunderutilizedvast wastelandstarklifelessvacuosinfertile

What words describe Colombia?

words to describe colombia are: interesting, a different place, and a place to discuss about.

What are some action words to describe a place?

An action word is a verb, a word for an act. A place can't act. Describing words are adjectives that describe nouns; a place is a noun. Some adjectives to describe the noun place:a friendly placea cold placean empty placean overgrown placea comfortable placea wet placea warm placea natural placea wonderful placea spiritual placea modern placea swampy place

What are Geographical words?

words that describe a landscape or place.

Negative words to describe a person that start with 'e'?

Evil Enchanting Empty Excited

Words to describe places?

exhortive place

Five words to describe Yorktown?

a violent place to be

List of descriptive words to describe a place?

Some of the descriptive words to describe a place include words like congested, arid, humid or wet. When describing quality, someone can use words like plush, rugged, desolate or fertile.

Which of these words would best describe the ambiance of a sad place?


What Are Words That Describe Tennessee?

tennessee is the most beautiful place!! <3

What are some nouns that describe cats?

Nouns do not describe. They name a person, place, or thing. Adjectives are words that describe nouns.Some adjectives for cats:cuddlyfluffylazyplayfulsillysly

What nouns describe thunder?

Adjectives are used to describe other words. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.