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Yes, this is what wild dogs eat.

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Q: Will your dog be okay if he ate a dead bird?
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Joke the dog ate the meat and died by flip Wilson?

Was that not Redd Foxx... "the dog ate the dead horse meat and died?"

Who ate my dog?

Stupid morons eat dogs. Dogs shouldn't be ate unless you are from another planet or something.

Will your dog be okay if he ate the sticker on the apple?

It should do no harm at all.

How can Farming techniques result in habitat loss?

Because a dog are me food and an ant at my dog and a bird ate my ant and a whale ate my ant the end

Will dog be sick if he ate a dead snake?

It is not advised to let a dog eat a dead snake. Some snakes are poisonous and it can harm the dog.

What if your dog ate a small piece of methamphitamies?

then its probably dead.

Will your dog be okay if ate a dead baby sparrow including beak?

It should be unless it chokes on the beak. Wild Dogs (yes, there are such things), eat birds and other animals to stay alive, and they're okay. So unless your dog loses it's appitite, or vomits, it should be fine.

What happen if dogs eat corn pops cereal?

Nothing... Once my dog ate corn pop cereal and nothing happend so it's okay if your dog ate it.

Dog ate bird seed is throwing up and sick will she be okay?

It is best to call a vet and have them checked out if they are vomiting. While usually seed is not advised it typically is not harmful in small doses. If it had raisins in it though it is deadly to dogs.

What to do if your dog ate a black and orange caterpillar?

You should check with your veterinarian to make sure everything is okay.

What happens if your dog ate raw peanut butter cookie dough?

hes dead

What helps a dog if it ate groundhog poision?

<p>nothing, your dogs dead</p>